According to FBI files, Whitney Houston was a victim of a blackmail that threatened to expose personal information about the late singer. This secret all- inclusive in the book “Whitney and Bobbi Kristina: The Deadly Price of Fame” purported that Whitney had a lesbian affair with her friend Robyn Crawford. However, when asked by TIME magazine, Whitney denied having such relationship with Miss Robyn, in fact she said that she saw Miss Robyn as a “sister”.

The FBI files stated that Whitney was asked for $25,000 from a Chicago Lawyer the night before the premier of her movie “The Bodyguard”. Apparently, the an Unknown person knew delicate details concerning Whitney’s secret affair, and will publicize the information if not given $25,000.

The report also stated that Whitney’s Dad settled the issue with a confidentiality agreement. However, the amount of money paid in exchange for silence still remains unclear and if the $25,000 demand was met.