Am here to bring you the tip of the day concerning self- improvement. I want you all to understand and analyze this quote properly

“what is done is done, do not swell in the past, for what is gone is forever gone. One of life’s most valuable lesson is to always move on. It is okay to look back and think of memories but keep moving forward”.

I love this quote a lot and guess why? its because it helps in reminding people that matter what you might have gone through in the past, it is always good to keep your head up forget about it and move on. You know what, if you don’t there’s always gonna be something that keeps holding you back from accomplishing great things and some of us might wonder why its happening but what most fail to understand is that in order to move forward you have to let go of the past.

I was watching a documentary of an old case called “the craigslist killers”, some of you might have heard about it however, when i was watching Miranda Barbour’s confession tape (the female accompanist in the murder case) she did say something that caught my attention which was that one of the things that triggered her into stabbing Laferrara (the victim in the murder case) was that he displayed aggressive attributes towards her which reminded her about her past of being molested by her uncle in her early ages.


It is not normal to victimize others of the pain you might have gone through not matter the circumstance. it is hard to move from the past but it is not alright when you claim to have moved from the past just like Miranda Barbour did in her situation but still blame your present actions on your past. Really! no matter what you might have gone through, cruelty does not reward anyone it only leaves more scars. Until we all learn not to dwell in the past then the cruelty will be turned to kindness, whatever pain the person may have caused you. what many of us don’t realize is that you cant keep blaming past events and people for your misfortune because when you fail no one will remember it as (someone) caused you to fail instead people will remember it as you caused yourself to fail.

As easy as it may sound its hard to actually move on but when done it is well rewarded. I hope you all have benefited from this article and i would appreciate your comments and reviews. for further information, tips, inquiries you name it! email me at I would be delighted to help and good bye till next time.