Ladies Firstly,

 if you think your man is cheating on you, chances are he is definitely cheating, always follow your guts but not to the point of snooping around his things and following him.snooping woman

That is too wrong. Most articles i have read talk about specific signs to hint that your man is without doubt being unfaithful. Please note that some of these signs cannot be tagged with certain relationships.

Every relationship is different, no! what the heck every HUMAN is different…

There are no specific signs to know a guy is cheating unless you have studied the person both in and out.  Some people say that his mood or behavior is a hint to know he is cheating but if you ask my opinion that is BULLSHIT! why? 

The reason being that there are 1 million and 1 reasons why someones attitude or mood could suddenly change, be it medical or psychological or physical, So do not sink your head into such ideas.

The only thing i can tell you to be at least 75% true is that we are all humans and there are some actions that we are programmed to perform. Example when you are insulted by someone you pick offense almost immediately. its automatic!

The same applies when you know you are doing something bad and its so bad that no one can find out about it, what do you do? you keep it a secret. Its this automatic action that leads to the suspicious and awkward behaviors. e.g not answering his calls around you, becomes over protective towards his phone, starts giving vague answers to his whereabouts. 

However, do not jump into conclusions because like i said the circumstance might be different. it could be someone blackmailing him or better he is planning a surprise party for you. Whatever is the case, the only way to definitely find out is to confront your partner about it. Nothing feels better than to hear it from the horses mouth.

Now, where the real problem lays is seeing if he is going to admit to his actions or not but before that, i have to say that any guy who does not own up to his infidelity is a coward! yes i said and i am not sorry. What is the point of doing something if you cant own up to it. Its like going for a presentation and denying your work, that’s awful! whether good or bad, fine or ugly never hesitate to own up to an outcome of your action. Also him owning up to his actions is the beginning of reconciliation. Without that the relationship will keep falling in pieces.

When your man does not own up to his actions when confronted, that’s when you are allowed to go hardcore IF your fully convinced that he is cheating on you. DO NOT TAKE THIS STEP IF YOU ARE SECOND GUESSING YOURSELF!

Before i forget another thing you can consider to know if you man is cheating, is to study him. This can ONLY  be done if you have carefully analyzed your man and you are without doubt positive that you know him both inside and outside. This way you can tell when something is ultimately wrong and it has something to do with a woman.infidelity-379565_1280

Finally, i know some of you reading this article as a life line choice may be scared, confused or even heart broken. I cannot tell you to not feel that way, it would be pointless but i can tell you that cheating is something that happens often, which many at times there is a causative, so i bid you to re-evaluate your relationship and see what and where it all went wrong. when you have done this, next step is to prepare for the worst since your at a fragile stage in your relationship.

I will assure you that if your successful getting through this stage of your relationship it will make you guys stronger so buckle up and fight for what you want.

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