A strong relationship is one that is hard to achieve, am sure you already know that. However, you might be wondering what exactly is missing that is making your relationship difficult. Well today is your lucky day because am here to help! I have put together a mini power point video to help you better understand the dynamics of a healthy relationship.

I am guessing you are done with the video so let me further explain. In our society of today, most people disregard love, respect and communication and depend on attraction to save their different relationships. Do not do that and why? it is because each of these elements cannot stand on their own, they depend on one another for leverage so let me go ahead to explain.

Firstly,  attraction is a MUST, without this element your relationship is as good as zero be it a mother- daughter relationships, boyfriend-girlfriend relationships, friendships, sibling relationships or other forms of relationship. Assume there is a magnet, and you with whomever are the metals on the opposite sides of the magnet, you have to attract to get along. This attraction can be sexual attraction, attraction caused by similar traits or habits  etc.  I hope your following along.

Secondly, respect is KING! I am saying this because no matter how much your attracted to someone without respect that relationship is doomed. level of respect can be determined when the questions i earlier mentioned in the video above are answered. Each of those questions are targeting different ideas and emotions an individual has concerning the other person in a relationship. When these questions are answered and analyzed but unfortunately you find out results show that there is nothing your gaining mutually from one another then there is no respect. If your very observant, then i will not need to tell you the very non-obvious reason why you respect your parents so much, but for the sake of those who do not know it is  because you look up to them as role models and not due to respect being compulsory.  Another example is, remember that one friend you so much respect ever wondered why? well here is answer; you understand their personality so well and you guys have a special way of relating to one another. Am sure your probably thinking wow so true! i never realized.

Thirdly,  Communication is important however, without respect communication is almost impossible.  communication requires a high level of understanding, it requires talking AND listening(see how i emphasize the “and”), it requires compromise which on its own consists of “give and take” and lastly, always  changing point of views. Lean forward, allow me let on a little secret, without putting yourself in the shoes of another person, you CANNOT understand the person.

Finally, LOVE is the ultimate. In the video above, i mentioned the main characteristics of love . Personally, am in love with the idea of love and that is why it would be my pleasure to explain to you the characteristics.

  1. Love is pure: love is pure in the sense that you cannot lie about loving someone because eventually the truth will show itself.The reason being that love demands a lot and in other to meet up to these demands one needs to be very supportive, patient and tolerant. This makes it easy to differentiate between  when you love someone or your in love with someone with when you do not or not.
  2. Love is tender: when you love someone, it is irresistible to cater to the persons needs, the person tends to show off more of their soft sides which is more often than not warmer and more affectionate.
  3. Love is generous: This simply means that love is big enough to be given to whomever you please, love never runs out, its what keeps us alive. It will always be there to be given out in what ever form you desire,it is due to this that a person is capable of loving as much people as possible all at the same time. Love can be given in the form of agape, eros, ludus, storge, pragma and mania, you name it!
  4. Love is unconditional: this concept simply means loving someone no matter what. Through the toughest and ugliest you will be there to help and do not worry Love will be there to give you the strength you need to do this. You know that saying that couples usually use in the movies as their wedding vows; “i will be there in sickness and in health, loving you in bad and good times”? that is unconditional love! Also that saying that if a man that  capable of not loving you at your worst  is not worthy of you at your best, that is unconditional love. it simply means “NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCE”.