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July 2015

THE 9 TYPES OF WOMEN: which are you and whats your preference?

  • Miss Independent : This is the type of woman who buying her anything is the one item to tick off your To- do-list. She is described to be very determined, focused, hardworking, usually business minded and smart . They are not afraid to take the risks and have set goals. However, sometimes these traits are what pushes potential partners away because men want to feel needed and so handling everything on her own is not the way with them.


  • Famous Thot : I am guessing that a lot of people already know the meaning of a “Thot” but for the benefits of others that do not know let me give you the dictionary meaning of a “Thot”. The Urban dictionaries describes a “Thot” as a Hoe. Simple! This woman would do anything for the money and popularity, she is wild and a party goose. silhouette-106418_1280When Chris Brown is in town for a concert, she will be included in the VIP list, front row and even the back seat of a car with Chris Brown. How she does it? i do not know. She is very complicated yet simple, in the sense that you can please her so far you have the money and the fame to do it. 
  • Uptown Girl : Just like the song goes “Uptown girl, living in an Uptown world”. Her life style is stylish and lavishing. She is classy, sexy and smart and so all the guys want her. The problem is, if and only IF a guy does get her, the struggle for her will never end and so resulting in always keeping up a strong game to retain her. For guys, that gets exhausting after a while,She is definitely of high maintenance and your relationship will always feel threatened by other scavenging men. Good Luck with such woman! you will need it.female-642715_1280

My all Time favorite LOL! not really 🙂 

  • Razz/ Ghetto : These are the women i would definitely call drama queens. They have gone to school to master the art of NAGGING. Nonetheless, they are sweet on the inside, when they love you, they love you and they will always watch your back. But you see, the thing is having such a woman as your main, for the cheaters it is almost impossible for you to play your game and even when you succeeded that SIDE BITCH is gonna dead soon that is fo’sure because your razz/ghetto girl is going to find out. Best of luck to you. argument-238529_1280
  • The Guys Lady : This type of woman is usually the dream girl for sports lovers. She is very spontaneous, down to earth and is always happy to sit back and chill with your guy friends or just you and her playing games. She is not afraid to play rough, she will definitely be athletically built and easy-going. Although, she might not be the go to when you’re looking for something new…why? the reason being that she does not care! sport-692796_1280woman-692785_1280
  • Mrs. Goody-Too-shoes : These are women whom sometimes are classified to be pathological liars or really sneaky, letters-483010_1280unreliable and manipulative. With this type you have got to watch your back, On the surface they usually appear sweet, the type your mother will encourage you to wife up but be careful you will not see the other side until you make her constant. On the other hand, they are dedicated, loyal, pretty, sexy, kind and intelligent (this trait varies from person to person, some are utterly naive and dumb). 
  • The Sociopath : They are lovable, sweet, caring, very relaxed and fun to hang with, still be careful because if there is anyone that can go from a 10 to a 100 real quick its them. Her bad side is to be avoided, you may never recover from it or unsee it. Usually, its hard to tell with these type of women due to how lovable they are but when your stimulate the other side, i bet you never saw it coming. They can literally kill to keep you :s
  • Freak of the Week : This is definitely self-explanatory,she is eye candy. She is smart, fine, girl-254708_1280sexy and a very huge tease. Everything she does is so sensual, for the guys that is literally holding you by the balls. She is with no doubt what every guy wants in bed for that ultimate satisfaction. Do bear in mind that with women like this cheating is always an issue as well as “blue-balls” 🙂 
  • All or Nothing kinda type : Its simple, she is everything combined thus making her the definition of beautiful both on the inside and outside. She is smart, dedicated, caring not over bearing or goes over the top with nagging, she is hardworking and focused but she still makes out time for important things like family and love, she is independent but just enough to allow her man handle the good stuff, she is sexy as hell just like her attitude, she is supportive, religious and can satisfy you anyway you want. she knows the concept of personal space and respects that. She is straight to the point, spontaneous, fun and easy to confide in and chat. She is willing to fight, accept change and have a grown up argument. These type of women exists, it is no fantasy trust me but if you have had her or if you find her don’t make the mistake of destroying the relationship with past bad-luck and loosing her.young-girl-531252_1280

Just recently, i came across a story while i was on twitter about a little girl who died and left a secret for her family to find. Now, i do not know how true this story is but the most interesting part of the story is “the secret” they said she had left behind.

I was gonna ask to hear some opinions but i have decided not to so i can still spoil the surprise. *Drum-rolls* please!… she left behind something i would call the “beautiful truth” but to clear the air of any confusion let me come right out and say it was a poem she left behind.

Now, i know some of you will probably be disappointed hearing this because “poems are boring” but trust me this one is pretty good. Its different from  any poem i have read before even though i have not read much ;;. The reason being that most poems tend to focus on pain, lament, resentments or demise. However, this poem talks about the beauty of love, happiness and life from the view of a little girl not given the full opportunity to explore it all to the end. Let me go ahead and write it down.

“Happiness depends upon ourselves, maybe its not about the happy ending, maybe its about the story.

The purpose of life is a life of purpose. The difference between ordinary is that little extra. 

Happiness is a direction not a destination. Thank you for existing. Be happy, be free, believe, forever young. 

You know my name, not my story. You have heard what i have done but not what i have been through. Love is like glass, looks so lovely, but its easy to shatter. 

Everyday is special, so make the most of it. You could get a life- ending illness tomorrow so make the most of everyday. 

Life is only bad if you make it bad. Love is rare, life is strange, nothing lasts and people change. Life is a game for everyone but love is the only prize.

If someone loves you then they would not let you slip away no matter how hard the situation is. Remember that life is full of ups and downs, without the downs the ups do not mean anything. 

I am waiting to fall in love with someone  i can open my heart to. Love is not about who you can see spending your future with, its about who you cant see spending your life without. There is no reason to cry, because i know you will be by my side”.


All done! it was pretty good right, it stares up so much emotion and inspiration inside which brings up a lot of questions. Although, today i just want to talk about two. Firstly, when people say Y.O.L.O what do they really mean?

Let me start by saying that the basic meaning of the abbreviation is simply freedom for those who have not heard of this. You only live once. Regardless, people have began using this as an excuse to do shitty things. When i hear Y.O.L.O i honestly expect a life of excitement and purpose.

Secondly, i want to address the issue of not believing in Love. Now, no one is forcing anyone into believing something they do not want to believe in, but i want to ask you a simple question.

If you are not living for Love what are you living for? It is when this question is answered, that you can understand the concept of a “life with purpose”. Please bear in mind that there are different things one can love and not just Human beings.

With this i can finally tell you stated facts are that everyone should live and strive for something that will give your life purpose, love is inevitable, It comes in different ways than you realize, some people do not know this until it is late and Love is rare.

Having said all this, cherish love when it is found, fight for it, strive for and live for it because it is with love you find peace, it is with love you find happiness and satisfaction, it is with love you find purpose and with love we are all united as one. The cure to this scornful world we all sought to fix has been right in our faces the whole time, LOVE.

It baffles me that when issues such as religion, sexuality, racism, political views are brought up, they spur and stimulate so much hatred. it does not have to be that way because the one thing they all have in common is that they all deal with the uniqueness of individuality and until we learn to deal with that, this world will still remain the same. Nonetheless, if we really want a change, the only way to do that is to put our differences aside and show as much LOVE and care as we can.



Threesomes, threesomes, threesomes. Hmm now, this is a very tricky sexual encounter. Studies have shown that majority of people (male and females) who have “threesomnia fever” as i call it, have yet to get the excruciating experience due to the serious complications concerned with it.

threesome 1

A three-way sexual encounter has the power to drive a relationship to its downfall. A relationship has to be strongly built to be able to withstand the stress brought on by this intense fantasy. Before deciding to take the leap, allow me to give you the 411 of the possible complications that a relationship could run into.

  1. The possibility of one partner getting easily attached to the third-party and pursuing something more than just a hot one night stand.
  2. The resentful talks and the constant nagging about comparisons by a partner with the third-party.
  3. The increase in level of insecurity and jealousy

With all these complications, it does not imply the improbability of having a successful threesome, it only shows the possible outcome of a threesome. Now if you still want to take the dive then you should definitely read on to what is next.

What i will give you in the next few paragraphs would be guidelines to help you achieve something close to a perfect threesome, that is preventing damage to a high degree level. Now i must warn you that non of these guidelines are negotiable or avoidable, they MUST be followed. I call them the coollogo_com-207204047 LOL!

Before i go on, you will need to perform a relationship evaluation test. Every relationship has a growth stage which i have classified into two namely; the premature stage and the mature stage. A relationship still in its premature stage would be a relationship that is ranging from less than 3 months to 8 months, Yh that’s pretty long!. While a relationship in the mature stage would be ranging from 8 months and above. The reason why i have classified relationships into 2 is because a relationship within the premature stage will not be able to withstand the stress of a threesome, such relationships are still fresh and can easily be drowned so its best to stay clear. However, if you still want to go ahead fine! for the mature relationships you might want to manage the stress level you put on your relationship because you do not want to pass the elasticity limit.

With this done we can definitely begin stating the rules to follow!

  • UH UH…NO SECRETS secrets

Yes you heard me… no secrets! nonetheless the only way to eliminate this completely and i mean the issue of secrets, the both partners have to trust each other. The both partners would have to join heads together in picking the right person. Also any form of communication from the third-party to any of the partners in the relationship should always be made known to both partners not just one partner. The message from the third-party must have a mutual effect on both parties. I do hope you understand where am coming from.



People this an important law. This requires each partner to come up with sexual gestures they are comfortable and not comfortable allowing their partners do. When these rules are made, make effort to keep to them because any little violation can completely ruin the trust you have built-in the relationship. Please i beg you do not blame the issue of you slacking by not obeying the rules on the heat of the moment, it’s a really shitty excuse. Own up to the mistake if you make one, bear the consequences and make effort to fix things. Lastly, always put your partner on the priority list before anyone else. focus on the satisfaction of your partner both physically and emotionally. PS: do not engage in sneaky business that is definitely bad ending for you!


I chipped this in earlier on but i did not go into depth, now am about to so stress your eyes. This part is as important as every other rule i have mentioned. Do not be lazy in carrying out this part, i know it is stressful. The reason is because as much as we hate to admit it, we are not like the actors/ actresses on reality kings. It is very hard to have such a wonderful time with two other people and have to move on like it never happened, so it would be more advisable to indulge an escort or a friend(someone trust worthy) as the third-party and not just someone you found on the internet through social media, dating site or Craigslist. This still applies even though you claim you have performed screening tests. its better to be safe than sorry.


Honestly, this is the most important rule because it is concerned with your health and can definitely cause harm so you better take this rule seriously. If your still clueless as to what am saying i mean Condoms! you can change condoms with every switch made and make sure to get yourselves tested before the Big day.

500_F_45248622_ulA3qW85vmEI4eNv9GIbAiDiAZwrXtdH THEY ARE NOT EXPENSIVE 🙂

That is the last of it ! I do hope i have been of great help to all of you and if you still need more help, counselling, questions do not hesitate to contact me through the social medias i have provided for you or you could personally email me at

Also let me know what form of the threesome you prefer



FFF or


Leave your answers and comments below! thanks and see you next time.

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