Just recently, i came across a story while i was on twitter about a little girl who died and left a secret for her family to find. Now, i do not know how true this story is but the most interesting part of the story is “the secret” they said she had left behind.

I was gonna ask to hear some opinions but i have decided not to so i can still spoil the surprise. *Drum-rolls* please!… she left behind something i would call the “beautiful truth” but to clear the air of any confusion let me come right out and say it was a poem she left behind.

Now, i know some of you will probably be disappointed hearing this because “poems are boring” but trust me this one is pretty good. Its different from  any poem i have read before even though i have not read much ;;. The reason being that most poems tend to focus on pain, lament, resentments or demise. However, this poem talks about the beauty of love, happiness and life from the view of a little girl not given the full opportunity to explore it all to the end. Let me go ahead and write it down.

“Happiness depends upon ourselves, maybe its not about the happy ending, maybe its about the story.

The purpose of life is a life of purpose. The difference between ordinary is that little extra. 

Happiness is a direction not a destination. Thank you for existing. Be happy, be free, believe, forever young. 

You know my name, not my story. You have heard what i have done but not what i have been through. Love is like glass, looks so lovely, but its easy to shatter. 

Everyday is special, so make the most of it. You could get a life- ending illness tomorrow so make the most of everyday. 

Life is only bad if you make it bad. Love is rare, life is strange, nothing lasts and people change. Life is a game for everyone but love is the only prize.

If someone loves you then they would not let you slip away no matter how hard the situation is. Remember that life is full of ups and downs, without the downs the ups do not mean anything. 

I am waiting to fall in love with someone  i can open my heart to. Love is not about who you can see spending your future with, its about who you cant see spending your life without. There is no reason to cry, because i know you will be by my side”.


All done! it was pretty good right, it stares up so much emotion and inspiration inside which brings up a lot of questions. Although, today i just want to talk about two. Firstly, when people say Y.O.L.O what do they really mean?

Let me start by saying that the basic meaning of the abbreviation is simply freedom for those who have not heard of this. You only live once. Regardless, people have began using this as an excuse to do shitty things. When i hear Y.O.L.O i honestly expect a life of excitement and purpose.

Secondly, i want to address the issue of not believing in Love. Now, no one is forcing anyone into believing something they do not want to believe in, but i want to ask you a simple question.

If you are not living for Love what are you living for? It is when this question is answered, that you can understand the concept of a “life with purpose”. Please bear in mind that there are different things one can love and not just Human beings.

With this i can finally tell you stated facts are that everyone should live and strive for something that will give your life purpose, love is inevitable, It comes in different ways than you realize, some people do not know this until it is late and Love is rare.

Having said all this, cherish love when it is found, fight for it, strive for and live for it because it is with love you find peace, it is with love you find happiness and satisfaction, it is with love you find purpose and with love we are all united as one. The cure to this scornful world we all sought to fix has been right in our faces the whole time, LOVE.

It baffles me that when issues such as religion, sexuality, racism, political views are brought up, they spur and stimulate so much hatred. it does not have to be that way because the one thing they all have in common is that they all deal with the uniqueness of individuality and until we learn to deal with that, this world will still remain the same. Nonetheless, if we really want a change, the only way to do that is to put our differences aside and show as much LOVE and care as we can.